DUSTNET 1.0.0 v2 Update

A minor update to DUSTNET, it adds a few features and clarifies the server state better. Support for Index and WMR headsets coming soon. 


  • Server object limit indicator added to edit mode
  • T-posing makes players invulnerable to VR slaps
  • Simplified Chinese, Katakana, and Hiragana characters supported
  • Send team chat with shift+enter
  • Tutorial for bhop, edit mode, and chat
  • CT and T heads now spin
  • Talk particles less annoying to VR players
  • Indicator for when the knife can be used (while bhopping)
  • Bhop timer now supports times over an hour


DUSTNET (PC).zip 143 MB
Jul 18, 2019
DUSTNET (macOS).zip 151 MB
Jul 18, 2019


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